Inexpensive Mother's Day Gifts: Where Does Hello Kitty Come In?

Loungefly Hello Kitty Teal Patent Embossed Wallet
Does your Mom have a cool sense of humor and enough style to still 'rock the house'? Or does she need just a cute little update to her style? In the days of Super Moms, working Moms, stay at home Moms, single Moms, and more -- just being a Mom these days makes you a rock star! Raising kids is tough work (thank you!), with not as much appreciation as they deserve and being a good parent is one the most important things on the planet!

Mom is amazing. Truly amazing.

Loungefly Hello Kitty Brown Patent Embossed Wallet
So maybe this is the year you and your siblings pitch in together and get her something nice. Why? Of course, your mother won't complain if you pop in CVS or Walgreen's on your way home to get her a box of Russell Stover's chocolate and an American Greetings card that says thanks, and enjoy your big day. Of course she won't mind if you just buy some flowers from the guy at the intersection near the traffic light, or from the florist in the supermarket. But seriously, how many years in a row are you going to follow the same, lame gift-giving pattern? Mom deserves better than that -- but of course she would never say anything, and she's really happy that you even remembered that it was Mother's Day. You are the GIFT!

That's junk! You gotta do more than just show up!

Loungefly Hello Kitty Tango Red Zip Around Mini Wallet
So you don't have to break the bank but you should get your Mom a nice, but inexpensive Hello Kitty purse, handbag, wallet or tote bag for Mother's Day. Actually get her something she can keep and use all year round. A special gift that will remind her of you every time she takes it with her to work, the store, church, yoga class, or whatever. There are great stylish bags by Loungefly that have a cool, chic and subtle Hello Kitty look that's clearly a masterpiece in designer handbag style. But if she already has a great pocketbook, maybe you could get her a tote bag or shopping bag that she could leave in her car for trips to the mall or the supermarket. Of maybe you should just get her a cute Hello Kitty wallet or coin purse to carry in her bag? There are so many great choices -- and since it’s Mother’s Day, don’t worry - you’ll find a bargain that will fit any son or daughter’s budget. A new Hello Kitty purse will put a smile on anyone’s face this year, especially your Mom.

So what exactly are you waiting for?? Oh yeah and you should still get her the box of chocolates -- who doesn't like chocolate? Happy Mother's Day -- which is Sunday May 13, 2012 this year... so don’t delay. Have you considered a
Loungefly Hello Kitty Tango Red Zip Around Mini Wallet


Hello Kitty Handbags Word Search Game

So it's tough to be so serious all the time, even with your stylish designer handbags made by Sanrio, Loungefly, or others rocking the Hello Kitty line. So we would like to relax today with a little Hello Kitty handbags inspired WORD SEARCH GAME... Yes this is an all-original, handcrafted word search made right year at our HQ! (OK so it only took a few minutes to put together, but it might give you a couple minutes of mindless fun... Have a wonderful day!

Hint: Use the post labels to inspire you on your search!


Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Idea!: Loungefly Hello Kitty Red Apple Tote Bag

Loungefly Hello Kitty Apple Tote - Tote
Do you want the best idea for a last minute Valentine's Day Gift? So why don't you get your sweetheart an amazingly stylish Hello Kitty Red Apple Tote Bag from Loungefly. These are so cute, and could be the perfect place to put a romantic greeting card and a box of chocolate! If you're really trying to make an impression then this bag is so much more powerful than perishables like candy and flowers. She will be touched that this crazy holiday -- Valentine's Day -- leaves her with such a cute tote bag to use all year long, and to think of you!

Oh yeah... and for those who think that Valentine's Day as a holiday is kind of dumb... this is THE Hello Kitty gift to get for yourself! Why? You know the expression that "you can't truly be loved, unless you truly love yourself"?? Well, a perfect way to show YOU that YOU care is to not let a tradition like buying a Valentine's gift for yourself slip away! Plus it's fun, bright red, well made, and more stylish than most designer pocket books, purses, or handbags. And this bag is cute enough to use as an everyday bag! Hello Kitty rocks Valentine's Day.


Dear Santa in January 2012: (updated letter to Kris Kringle)

Jan 2012, Special Town, U.S.A.

Dear Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, St. Nick: 

Ok, so this is your vacation... you and Mrs. Claus. I get it -- big push for the end of the year, everybody has a great time unwrapping their gifts, and then whamm-o... it's over. New Year's Day -- bright sunny fresh start -- lose a little weight, make a deposit to the retirement account, write down your New Year's resolutions and go from there. Game over... play again next year. So that's actually what I wanted to talk to you about...

I don't know if you're checking this on your iPad from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Newport Beach, CA -- or with some satellite/3G connection from your annual global yacht charter off the coast of Greece, but I have a small complaint about Christmas 2011. I say it's a small complaint because I really don't want to end up on the NOT NICE list for next Christmas!

Here's My Christmas 'Beef'

Of all the cool things I got this Christmas -- and there were a few -- I didn't get any Hello Kitty Stuff! How is that possible? No Hello Kitty handbag, no Hello Kitty games, vans shoes, no Hello Kitty makeup from Sephora --- nothing!! Everyone who knows me knows that I ADORE --- A-D-O-R-E --- Hello Kitty stuff, but I didn't even get a Hello Kitty pencil or pen in my stocking??? What else can I say... Santa you failed me. Yes, and all my friends and family -- they're completely lame!

Now what do we do? So I really can't wait until my birthday, or all the way to NEXT CHRISTMAS, you know!! So you need to speak to someone NOW about a bonus gift for me for GroundHog Day, an extra-special Hello Kitty Valentines gift [but I still want chocolate!!!], St. Patty's, or whatever... Please make it happen, and THEN you can enjoy your REST and relaxation. I understand that mistakes do happen... and I really prefer that no elves get fired over this -- but please see what you can do about my replacement gift. My best to the Mrs.

All best,

Lost without a Hello Kitty bag

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